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Melinda Hannigan | Paintings

Beverly Gimlin | Paintings

Mimi Miles | Ceramic Artist | Sculpture | Tile Installations

Cantizac Fiber Arts

Seattle Young Artists Music Festival

Kelli Kamel, print design and production

Northwest Eddy | Knowing You’re Home

Matson Adventure Media

Weisgerber Design

Mark Horiuchi | Ceramics | Paintings

Mark Monlux, Illustrator

The Episcopal Church and Visual Arts

Washington Fairs and Festivals | Comprehensive fair and festival calendar for Washington State. Also, information on starting a craft business in Washington State.

Booktrope Publishing

My Wild Skies | Sarah Martinez, author

Meredith Schorr, author

Heather Huffman, author

Ina Zajac, author

Billie Morton, author

Nicole J. Persun, author

Arleen Williams, author

Lisa Fernow, author

Ruth Mancini, author

Corbin Lewars, author

Rev. Judith Laxer, author

Wendy C. Garfinkle, author

Jennifer Hotes, author

Leigh Bennett, author

Patricia Mann, author

Mindy Halleck, author

Ann Staley, author

Barbara Eppich Struna, author

MaryAnn Kempher, author