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Print Design

Book Cover: A State of Jane

Book Cover: A State of Jane

This comical Chick Lit novel tells the story of a talented but somewhat sheltered New York woman faced with life choices for which she is unprepared. The cover image, compiled from stock images, conveys Jane’s feeling that her world is spinning out of control.


Book Cover: Please Pretty Lights

Please Pretty Lights is a gritty, urban story about an heiress who gets involved with members of a grunge cover band who work as strip club bouncers. The setting called for images that expressed the characters’ views, distorted by the entertainment business, along with the warm sentiments that keep them hopeful.

Book Cover: Swings

A new mom wonders whether her life can still be sexy and adventurous. This one-word title with double meaning warranted a simple and striking cover design.

Book Cover: All This Time

Grief is complicated by conflict between public and private stories. For this literary novel I chose abstract elements to represent forces beyond the protagonist’s control.

Book Cover: Swimming Home


For the second book in a series, this cover needed to repeat some of the elements from its predecessor while conveying the promise of a dramatic new story.

Book Cover: Dead on Her Feet

Dead On Her Feet cover

This cover conveys the tango theme of this mystery novel at the small size most commonly seen on the internet.

Book Cover: Serpent on a Cross


A young Jewish magician in Poland must rescue her loved ones taken captive by raiders of the Kievan Rus. This fantasy cover reflects the vivid imagery the author creates to convey the magician’s experience of coming into her power.

Book Cover: Waiting for You

Waiting for You

A well-established romance author needed a new design consistent with conventions established by her previous book covers, and with an eye to refining her brand for the future.

Book Cover: Along the Wheel of Time

The ammonite fossil image distinguishes this cover from those of other books about the wheel of the year, while the colors suggest the allure of nature.

Book Cover: Losing Him, Gaining You

Losing Him, Gaining You

Equal parts divorce guide and memoir, this book focuses on the benefits of forming a new identity and learning a new way of life. The cover needed a balance between seriousness and buoyancy.

Book Cover: Running Secrets

Book cover: Running Secrets

I took all the photographs myself for this cover. Running Secrets is a story of despair, healing, racial identity, and friendship, set locally.

Book Design: Sex and Death in the American Novel

Book Design: Sex and Death in the American Novel

The cover design for this erotic romance must indicate the explicit nature of the story and writing, both to attract fans of the genre and to warn away readers who would be offended by the content.

Other book covers designed/produced:

This Thing We Call Sex by David Steinberg

Swimming Upstream by Ruth Mancini

Just Friends With Benefits by Meredith Schorr

Blogger Girl by Meredith Schorr

How Do You Know? by Meredith Schorr

How To Un-Marry A Millionaire by Billie Morton

Biking Uphill by Arleen Williams

Flirting with Magick by Leigh Bennett

The Old Cape House by Barbara Eppich Struna

The Old Cape Teapot by Barbara Eppich Struna

Is This All There Is? by Patricia Mann

Is This What I Want? by Patricia Mann

Four Rubbings by Jennifer Hotes

Return to Sender by Mindy Halleck

Instructions for the Wishing Light by Ann Staley

Mocha, Moonlight, and Murder by MaryAnn Kempher

Broken Pieces by Rachel Thompson

One Week by Nikki Van De Carr

Book Cover: Dead of Knight

Book Cover: Dead of Knight

A king is driven mad by his feelings of responsibility for his companion’s death. Meteors portend his doom. This fantasy cover required a painterly image, which I created by layering and blending ten different stock images.